Redevelopment Planning

Beginning in the fall of 2021, the CDA has been leading a planning process to update the Village of DeForest’s 1994 Redevelopment Plan. This plan puts forth a vision and strategic implementation plan for revitalizing underdeveloped areas of the Village based on public input and community goals. The updated plan designates three redevelopment project areas shown below.

Redevelopment Project Area A

The focus in Redevelopment Project Area A is for continued mixed use revitalization of the north and east sections of the Village’s downtown, while maintaining the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods as a comfortable place to live for DeForest residents. As depicted on the map, Redevelopment Project Area A encompasses 100.9 acres and 132 different tax parcels. Area A generally includes lands bounded by the North/Main Street intersection area on the north, the Holum Educational Center site on the east, and Holum and DeForest Streets on the south.

Redevelopment Project Area B

Redevelopment Project Area B features the potential infill of new, primarily commercial buildings within Area B. These are envisioned in spots along South Main Street that are either undeveloped or in underutilized sections of parking lot. These new commercial buildings could be single-use and/or contain multiple tenants.  They could provide places for relocation of popular businesses in the large, aging commercial building near the west end of Area B.

Redevelopment Project Area C

The focus within Redevelopment Project Area C is to provide housing at various densities, ideally focused on the local workforce, seniors, or both. Redevelopment Project Area C encompasses 23.5 acres and five different tax parcels. Area C generally includes lands bounded by Highway 51, Holum Street, North Street, and the east line of the Sunrise Estates subdivision.